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Child Support Lawyer in New York

Child Support in New York

Both parents may be required to provide financial support for their children, but the parent who the child lives with may be presumed by the court to be providing financial support to the child just by taking care of their day to day needs. When a parent has primary custody and the financial circumstances require it, the court may order child support be paid to that parent. An application can be made to get the court to order that support be paid straight away even if the court case has just started or is still happening. The courts in New York use percentage guidelines as well as the individual circumstances of the case to calculate how much child support should be paid. 

The parent being asked to pay too much child support may want to consider how they would convince the court the child support  ordered by the court already, should be reduced. If there is already a child support order which they can not afford to pay and arrears are now present there is  another set of considerations related to defending child support arrears.

The parents filing for child support can ask a court for payment to start immediately and include a request for extra costs for the children like extra education,sports or development needs.

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