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Why an E2 Visa?

Posted by Leah T. Wills | Feb 07, 2023 | 0 Comments

Why should I apply for an E2 Visa to come to the USA compared to other visas?

Compared to L1 there is less of a criteria to overcome in many circumstances   

Compared to the EB5 there is far less money required to be invested                 

Compared to H1B there are no quotas that set a cap on how many E2 visas can be issued per year 

What is the chances of success if applying for an E2 visa?

Approval Rates are very high generally

How long does it take for an E2 visa to be approved

Processing Time depends on the consulate country but often it takes weeks or months rather than years.

How much money do I need to apply for an E2 visa for investment?

The E2 'substantial amount' of investment requirement legally means no set minimum amount of money, but the amount of money and factors relating to establishing and running the business in the US should be realistic

Can my wife or husband and children come to the USA with me?  

Yes, Children under 21 years old who are not married and wives and husbands may apply to come with the E2 visa applicant. The children can be given permission to study, and the husband or wife may be granted permission to study or work in the US.

Can I apply for my employee to get an E2 visa?             

Yes, an E2 visa application can be used for employees to come and live and work in the USA

How long are E2 visas granted for?

This depends on the consulate embassy, but it is often granted for two years and then renewable every two years. In the UK an E2 may be granted for 3 years initially.

Can I switch from another visa to an E2 visa whilst in the USA?

Yes, you may be able to  switch from another visa to the E2 visa whilst in the USA if you are in a lawful non-immigrant status

Can I convert from E2 visa to a Green Card? Can I go from an E2 visa to becoming a US citizen?

Converting from an E2 to a Green Card Permanent Residency and then citizenship  may be possible in limited circumstances but there is a requirement that this is not the intention at the time of the E2 visa application.

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