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Mike Tyson New Rape Allegation

Posted by Leah T. Wills | Feb 03, 2023 | 0 Comments

Mike Tyson has a new rape allegation. Rape is a serious charge. Any woman or man that has been sexually assaulted including verbally as well as physically can suffer greatly.

Tyson is innocent unless and until proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt in a criminal court, but he is being sued in a civil court not a criminal court, and there he is deemed innocent unless the accuser satisfies the judge that it is more reasonable than not likely (or over 50%) that Tyson committed the offence. 

To satisfy the 'more likely than not' standard of proof in many rape and sexual abuse cases supporting evidence may be crucial. For example, witnesses, electronic reports or recordings or who the accuser told around the time of the alleged offence. Without supporting evidence it is arguably just one persons word against the other.

New York State has legally given the right for some people who were adults at the time of the sexual assault or rape to sue in a civil action for damages to recover money, but the civil action has to be filed by November 23rd 2023 this year.  The person who allegedly committed the actions, an institution and maybe an employer could be sued depending on the circumstances. 

A  woman has filed such a claim in New York against Mike Tyson for $5 million alleging that he raped her after she told him no to sex and that the incident happened in the 1990s. Usually this would be outside the deadline of when she could sue Tyson. Under this New York Law called the Adult Survivors Act men and women can file a claim to recover money for such actions if they file their claim with the court between November 23rd 2022 and November 23rd 2023.

You can call  1 888 524 9776  for an initial free and very confidential consultation if you are a survivor of sexual offence committed against you and you are considering suing. The Law Office of Leah T. Wills Plc. can provide legal filing and representation for sexual assault, sexual abuse and rape cases for claims to recover significant money from individuals, employers, organizations and companies that may be sued in civil actions under  The Adult Survivors Act. For cases that may involve over one million US dollars, $1,000,000 our law office may offer a no win, no fee legal fees arrangement. 

If you have been accused of rape or a sexual offence we may be able to provide a professional defense against the charge under The Adult Survivors Act. Our law office can be contacted for an initial free consultation on 1888524 9776. 

The Law Office of Leah T. Wills Pllc. 

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