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Child Visitation Rights Lawyer


Child Visitation Lawyer New York


Applying for the Right to See Your Child

A parent can make an application for the right to see their children and whether the parents should have regular visits is an important consideration in New York courts. Courts may make an order early on in a divorce or family court case that even whilst the case is still being heard, that the other parent who the child is not living with, has a right to visit and spend time with the children. There are exceptions to this for example if the parent is abusive to the child or otherwise bad for the child. Supervised visits with someone else apart from the parent who the child lives with, maybe a way that the visits can still go ahead.


The Best Interest of The Child and Visitation 

The court may consider that in an individual circumstance it is not in the best interests of the child, for a parent to have any or too much visits with the child even if it is supervised by somone else. However, often the courts start from a general principle that it is best for children to have contact with the other parent through physical visits or other contact, such as telephone calls or video calls.


Liberal Visitation 

Liberal visitation means regular or frequent visits with children by the parent who they do not live with or who does not have physical custody of the children. This visitation right may be granted by a New York court during the court case and after.  The court will consider the individual circumstances of each case to come to a decision and what would be in the best interests of the child.


Grandparents Rights in New York State

Grandparents may apply for visitation rights or emergency custody of children and these are more ikely to be granted in certain circumstances.

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