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E2 Visa Compared To Other Visas

Why an E2 visa can be a good choice

The E2 Visa for many is a good choice compared to other US Immigration business and investor visas. The E2 Visa could also be a better choice compared to family based visas. Over 90% of E2 Visas are usually approved in many countries and there is no minimum financial requirement that you have to invest or have. However, the lower the money you have to invest may mean the more careful you should be with the details and strategy of your visa application.

Our law office focusing on E2 visas

We at The Law Office of Leah T. Wills Pllc are now focusing a lot of our US immigration service on educating interested people in this visa and providing high quality, professional, efficient service to get help applying for E2 visas and renewing E2 visas. This includes getting the E2 visa applicant and their close family also to be able to come and live, work or study in the USA as part of the E2 visa process.

E2 visa risk and personal experience 

Attorney Leah T. Wills is originally from England, UK and understands the questions and concerns of those wanting to apply for an E2 Visa because she opened up her law office in New York with this same type of visa in 2010. Attorney Wills did not want to take any risks with the visa application and hired a professional E2 visa attorney in America to help. Although she felt it was a big scary decision, especially spending money in the USA whilst she still was a resident of the UK to invest funds, this brave bold decision turned out for her to be the right one. 

An E2 visa lawyer that gives detailed advice

However, she hired a professional USA based E2 visa attorney to provide legal advice, do the visa application and give some guidance on the accompanying business plan she submitted with her visa application. Most of the attorneys she spoke with did not want to give much information away in the consultation and were not prepared to give direction on any particular considerations related to applying for the E2 visa from outside the USA at the embassy consulate where the foreign residence was. For instance, E2 visa processing times differ from country to country within the embassies. 

E2 visas to come to America USA from England UK

Attorney Wills has a particular focus on E2 visa applicants applying from England United Kingdom as she is from London England, has contacts in England, and this is the embassy she herself applied to get the visa from.

If you would like to talk to a lawyer within the UK for an E2 visa Attorney Leah T. Wills may be able to assist you. 

E2 visas and dual citizenship

An important point to note. is that to apply for an E2 visa you have to be a national of one of the countries listed on a E2 visa qualifying country list. However, if for example, you have two citizenships and only one is on the list, you still may be able to apply.

So, an applicant could be born and residing in Nigeria, India or Guyana which are countries not on the E2 visa list but because they have dual citizenship in a qualifying country like the UK, France, Jamaica or Germany they can apply.

E2 Business Plan help

Another important point is that a good E2 Business Plan can help secure an E2 Visa. These business plans are not like the business plans people submit to banks to start a business, but producing a good E2 Visa business plan can be a great help. Although, many applicants have got an E2 visa approved without a E2 business plan especially if they have spent a lot of money on the investment part of the E2 before they have filed the visa application.

At the heart of the policy around E2 visas is contributing to the US economy, providing US jobs and paying US taxes. A good E2 visa business plan should address this and be realistic. A resume of the business owner that shows experience and/or qualifications in the industry they will be doing business in is also a plus.

Our law office can help with E2 business plans if required.

The benefits of E2 visas

Approval Rates are very high generally

The E2 'substantial amount' of investment requirement legally means no set minimum amount of money

Family dependents can also apply to come to the USA

Employees can also apply to join the E2 visa applicant

Renewal can be indefinite 

Ability to switch from another visa to the E2 visa whilst in the USA 

Converting to a Green Card Permanent Residency from an E2 visa is possible in some circumstances but there is a requirment that this is not the intention at the time of the E2 visa application

Processing Time depends on the consulate country but often it takes months rather than years

Compared to L1 there is less of a criteria to overcome in many circumstances

Compared to the EB5 there is far less money required to be invested

Compared to H1B there are no quotas with E2 visas so they do not run out unlike H1B visas

E2 visa legal consultation

The Law Office of Leah T. Wills Plc. offers a comprehensive up to 1.5 (one hour and thirty minutes) consultation to answer questions and concerns about applying for the E2 Visa as well as comparing the E2  visa to other visa options for a legal fee. The current legal fee for this consultation is $350. Such consultation does not mean that you have retained our office or any of its representatives for any further legal advice or representation.

If we do decided to enter into a retainer with you and you agree to the terms, after the first one off consultation of $350 for up to one and a half hours we offer two options:

1) The Law Office of Leah T. Wills Pllc can advise and prepare the E2 visa application, related dependent visas and give guidance and review of the E2 business plan for a set fee depending on your circumstances

2) The Law Office of Leah T. Wills Pllc can provide on-going advice on a E2 visa prepared without a lawyer by yourself, related dependent visas and any accompanying business plan for $375 per hour. 

You can contact our office to arrange a consultation with Attorney Leah T. Wills on 1 888 524 9776. We are here to listen and happy to assist.

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The Law Office of Leah T. Wills PLLC
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